PAUMCS maintains a number of methods to enhance communication between members, both on-line and otherwise.


Linking Hands are sent on an as needed basis by the Communications Coordinator. This e-mail is a forum to share a job-related question or tip. Discussions range from choosing the best membership management software to safety on the job to keeping a green office to………your choice! Go here to find out more and how to become a recipient.

Sherry Heath and Janet Coffelt maintain the PAUMCS Prayer Link. E-mail Sherry or Janet to be kept updated on, or share your own, joys and concerns of and with your United Methodist co-workers throughout the Great Connection. PAUMCS membership is not necessary.

Through the Mail

The Vital Link newsletter is published quarterly and sent to members via e-mail in late January, April, July, and October. It is a compendium of upcoming events, news, information, and other content of interest and value to members presently mailed to over 800 persons. Lori Sluder is the editor of this publication.

Linking Hands

The Vital Link