PAUMCS maintains a number of methods to enhance communication between members, both on-line and otherwise.


Linking Hands are sent out on as requested basis. This daily e-mail is a forum to share a job-related question or tip. Discussions range from choosing the best membership management software to safety on the job to keeping a green office to………your choice! Have a question or want to share a new office tip, send them to

Sherry Heath and Janet Coffelt maintain the PAUMCS Prayer Link. E-mail Sherry ( or Janet ( to be kept updated on, or share your own, joys and concerns of and with your United Methodist co-workers throughout the Great Connection. PAUMCS membership is not necessary.

Through the Mail

The Vital Link newsletter is published quarterly and sent to members via e-mail in January, May, and September. Prior to Annual Conference there will also be a special edition of the Vital Link that covers Annual Conference news. It is a compendium of upcoming events, news, information, and other content of interest and value to members.  Lori Sluder is the editor.

Linking Hands

The Vital Link