The Vital Link

The Vital Link newsletter is published quarterly and sent to members via the US Postal Service in late January, April, July, and October. It is a compendium of upcoming events, news, information, and other content of interest and value to members. It is presently mailed to over 800 persons. Lori Sluder is the editor of this publication.

If you are currently receiving The Vital Link in the mail, the PAUMCS Executive Committee would like to offer the option of receiving it electronically. This saves money and trees and you will most likely receive your issue sooner plus, it will be in color! Contact Lori Sluder if you would like to receive The Vital Link electronically.

Download copies of The Vital Link:


Vital Link Fall 2018 Edition
Vital Link Spring 2018 Edition
Vital Link Winter 2018 Edition
Vital Link Fall 2017 Edition
Vital Link Spring 2017 Edition
The Vital Link Winter II 2017 Edition
The Vital Link Winter 2016 Edition

The Vital Link Fall 2016 Edition
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Spring 2016 Edition

Winter 2015 Edition
Vital Link Fall 2015
Fall 2014 Edition
August 2014 Announcement
Summer 2014 Edition

Fall 2011 Edition
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