Linking Hands

The Communications Committee sends out Linking Hands as needed. This e-mail is a forum to share a job-related question or tip. Discussions range from choosing the best membership management software to safety on the job to keeping a green office to … your choice! Linking Hands is a benefit of national PAUMCS membership and is open to members only.

How to become a recipient and how it all works:

  • To add your name to the distribution list, check the line on the PAUMCS membership form and add the email address where you wish to receive Linking Hands. Or if you have already sent in your form and didn’t indicate it, you can send an email requesting to be added to the distribution list.
  • Challenges and responses are received and then posted in the next Linking Hands. Remember that challenges or responses sent on Friday will be posted on Monday.
  • When you send a challenge or response, please be sure to include your first and last name as we can’t tell from your email address who you are (unless your name is in it). You may choose to remain anonymous on any challenge … just let us know.
  • If you sense a challenge is time sensitive, you may respond to person directly as well as sending us your response so we can all share in the knowledge and wisdom.
  •  If you pose a challenge that may generate responses with attachments, you will be asked if you are willing to compile the responses and send the compilation to anyone requesting it and to us at for the archives. When compiling has been done in the past, all the documents (when possible) have been put into one large document. A number of compilations are available on this website.
  • Remember that if your response includes an attachment, a reminder to send the response directly to the requester (as attachments can not be included with the mass Linking Hands emails) will be at the end of the challenge.
  • Feel free to let other secretaries, administrative assistants, office managers, etc. know about Linking Hands and encourage them to join PAUMCS. (Again, one must be a national PAUMCS member.)
  • If you leave your position and no longer wish to receive Linking Hands, please let us know. It saves us from getting bounced emails. If you are training your replacement, share the information about Linking Hands and PAUMCS. If the replacement wants to be part of Linking Hands, be sure that she/he joins PAUMCS as a national member (Linking Hands is a benefit of membership).
  • If you no longer wish to receive Linking Hands for any reason, just send a quick email. You can be added back to the distribution list anytime just by sending an email (and maintaining national membership).
  • Whenever you have problems receiving Linking Hands, please let us know. Computers and ISPs can be contrary! We will do our best to resolve the problem.
  • When your email address changes, let us know so that you will continue to receive Linking Hands messages.

We will do our best to keep you informed when Linking Hands takes a break or vacation. Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? All are welcome! Send us an email anytime.