PAUMCS maintains a number of methods to enhance communication between members, both on-line and otherwise.


Linking Hands are sent out on as requested basis. This daily e-mail is a forum to share a job-related question or tip. Discussions range from choosing the best membership management software to safety on the job to keeping a green office to … your choice! Have a question or want to share a new office tip, send them to

Prayer Link – A grand Thank You! to Sherry Heath and Janet Coffelt who have maintained the PAUMCS Prayer Link over the years. Sadly, Sherry and Janet have decided to retire from this ministry. They have done a tremendous job and we appreciate their dedication and service.

If you have any joys, celebrations and concerns that you would like for our community to pray with you about please send them to

Through the Mail

The Vital Link newsletter is published quarterly and sent to members via e-mail in January, May, and September. Prior to Annual Conference there will also be a special edition of the Vital Link that covers Annual Conference news. It is a compendium of upcoming events, news, information, and other content of interest and value to members.  Libby Craven is the editor.

Linking Hands

The Vital Link